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Kitchen Basics Turkey Cooking Stock Original 946 Ml

Unit: 946 ml

SKU: 61144344026

Kitchen Basics® Tastes like homemade 3 g protein per 250 ml serving Healthy flavour solution Ready to use Kitchen Basics® the originator of real cooking stocks Everyone knows the deep, concentrated flavour of a perfect homemade stock. It's rich. It's savoury. And Kitchen Basics® rivals that authentic premium taste. Our stock is a key ingredient for your best culinary creations - soups, sauces, pastas, marinades or vegetables. Use Kitchen Basics stock instead of broth or water in your favourite recipes for a great way to add more flavour. Try all of our great Kitchen Basics cooking stocks Chicken, Beef, No Salt Added Chicken, No Salt Added Vegetable, Seafood, Turkey We test! Allergen watch We take extra care with allergen control in our facilities. This product is gluten-free and has no MSG added.

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